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just finished a 7 page art history paper…I’m going to sleep now…

Easter treats! #easter #cm

Easter treats! #easter #cm

A summerized version of guest interactions recently:

Guest: Do you have Olafs?

Me: Sorry but we are sold out resort wide.

Guest: Do you think Disneyland will have them?

Me: Disneyland, World of Disney, and the Disneyland hotel’s gift shops do not have any, we are sold out resort wide.

Guest: But I saw someone with an Olaf in the park, you must have them.

Me: We do not have any Olafs, they must have gotten theirs at another time.

Guest: This is Disneyland, you have to sell Olaf.

Me: We do sell Olaf, but we are sold out.

Guest: How can you be sold out?

Me: He is a popular character, and most of our Frozen merchandise sells out fast.

Guest: Do you know when you’re going to get any? Like tomorrow maybe?

Me: We get shipments of random items every day, but I do not know when Olaf will be back, if you want to check tomorrow you’d best be sure to get into a store when it opens because they don’t last long.

Guest: This is ridiculous, how can you be sold out of Olafs?

(and the conversation repeats itself over and over again)

Me and my sister want to work at disneyland so bad but we dont know where to start do u have any suggestions? Also do u have to have a highschool diploma?


I would suggest staring here http://disneycareers.com/en/default/. Create your account and then apply for the jobs that are available, regardless of the job (well make sure you have the proper qualifications) like custodial, becuase when it comes time for your interview you might be given other options. I think for most jobs at disney you need a diploma or GED (each job has different qualifications). Applying online is the only way, but Disney is constantly hiring new people. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t hear anything back for a while, it took me 5 months to get an interview. Good luck :)

Tonight is getting better!!!!! My friend bought me a pineapple skewer AND my closing assignment is the plush wall!!! Yay me!

And it’s baked potato day!!!
This day is turning out to be awesome! If it gets any better I will faint :)

Wonderful shift tonight…I live Elias, I love being hat writer, I love that I get a full 8 :) and on top of it all I’m getting BoH trained!

Hi sorry to bug you but do you know the guy who works at Goofys Flying School he has blonde hair and is tan and he worked the operating system around 4 to 5pm


uhhhhh….no sorry. Disneyland is a big place, I barely know everyone in stores.